AI for Everyone | Keep Practicing

The more you use AI the better you will become at giving the tool the information it needs to create what you want.  If you don’t get good results the first time, try rephrasing your request or providing more information.  

Try this fun little exercise for image creation:
(if you need image generation instruction review this post)

  • On a piece of paper write 3 sentences to describe a yummy meal or a beautiful scene

  • Ask CoPilot to create an image of that meal or scene using just one of those sentences

  • Did the image created match what you expected?

  • Try again using all three sentences

  • Was the image better or worse?  (I would expect the image to get better with more information)

Remember, the more you play with AI the better you will become at providing the information it needs.  If you practice now, then when you want to create something quickly you will already have the skills needed.

! Do not give personal/confidential information to any AI.  Think twice before giving AI a pictures of yourself; once you do, AI can use your likeness for other images.