AI for Everyone | CoPilot Image Generation

This week let’s try CoPilot for image generation.

Remember: Check the image carefully before using.  Words, hands, feet, and faces are the areas where the generator will most likely have issues.

  • Go to Image Generator CoPilot
  • In the box at the top of the page copy/paste this prompt
    • A delicious breakfast of fluffy pancakes stacked high on a plate, drizzled with golden maple syrup and topped with a melting pat of butter, served with a glass of orange juice and a fork and knife, realistic 3D animation
  • Click the Create button

CoPilot will give you 4 images that fit the description.  If you change the type of image from “realistic 3D animation” to “whimsical folk art” you will get a different type of image of pancakes.

Give it a try and have fun.

! Do not give personal/confidential information to any AI.  Think twice before giving AI a pictures of yourself; once you do, AI can use your likeness for other images.