iPhone NameDrop


You may have seen recent articles in the news about iPhone’s new feature (iOS 17.1) — NameDrop.  This feature allows iPhone and Apple Watch (watchOS 10.1) users to share information with other iPhones or Watches by holding the phones/watches close together.

If you want to share your contact info, you simply hold the phone next to another iPhone and the two phones will recognize each other.  With a few click to confirm which information you want to share, the data is transferred . . . the phones do all the work.  Kind of a cool feature.

Several police departments are warning about a potential security risk.  And it would be a scary risk if there weren’t the required confirmation clicks necessary to pass any information.

If you are worried about this feature, simply turn it off — Settings, General, AirDrop, Bringing Devices Together. Change to OFF.

If you have one of the updated phones, you might just want to try it out next time you need to give someone your contact info.