Find That File

You know you saved a file, but you just can’t remember where.  Try the search feature.

  • Open File Explorer (Windows) or Spotlight (Mac)

  • In the Search Box, type the file name or keyword

  • Press Enter

This will search your hard drive and if you are using Dropbox or OneDrive, and have it connected, it will search those files as well.

In Google Drive, the search box is at the top of the screen and will search everything in your Google Drive and files that were shared with you.

Advanced Tip:  If you aren’t finding the file using the search feature or you can’t remember the name, try this:

  • Open the application you used to create the document

  • Click Save As

  • Note the default save location

  • Using File Explorer / Finder go to the default location

  • Sort the files by date

  • Do a manual search