AI for Everyone |CoPilot Notebook

Have you spotted the new “Notebook” tab on the top left of your CoPilot browser version? This upgrade expands the character limit from 4000 to 18000 characters and introduces a split-screen layout.

Why is this a nice addition? It’s an incredibly useful tool for tasks such as having CoPilot edit or condense a document. Want to try? Simply copy and paste a document into the left text box and hit the paper airplane icon to see the response on the right. (I had it summarize a chapter from War and Peace for a 9-year-old)

While the Notebook feature was initially designed for developers to work with their code, it has benefits for everyone. I personally prefer the split-screen layout over the standard one, as it makes it easier to refer back to earlier parts of the conversation.

! Do not give personal/confidential information to any AI.  Think twice before giving AI a pictures of yourself; once you do, AI can use your likeness for other images.