AI for Everyone | AI Can’t Do Everything

In case you haven’t noticed, AI doesn’t always get it right.  Recently I tried to get Copilot and ChatGPT to create a resume.  Both failed, Copilot made up everything and ChatGPT wouldn’t even attempt it.  It took a bit of adjusting of my approach, but I was able to get a good resume pulled together.  

Next time ChatGPT or Copilot doesn’t give you what you want, try this instead:

  • Break the project into smaller pieces — instead of asking for a resume, ask for each section individually.  Use prompts like “summarize the following experience for a resume”, “rewrite experience for a resume”, etc.

  • Copy/paste starter text that you want rewritten instead of asking it to start from scratch.  There is less of a chance of an inaccurate response.

  • ChatGPT won’t look at links you give it, but you can copy/paste the information from the website directly into ChatGPT

Give these tips a try.  You should get better results.

! Do not give personal/confidential information to any AI.  Think twice before giving AI a pictures of yourself; once you do, AI can use your likeness for other images.