Are Your Passwords Secure?

How secure are your passwords????  Let’s be honest, most of us have passwords that aren’t really secure and probably haven’t been changed in a while.  

WAIT! Before you skip the rest of this article . . . We all agree that password management is a hassle, but give yourself a couple more minutes to see if you can quickly and easily tighten up some of your password security.

Start simple:

  • Choose one account that you feel needs a secure password.
  • Create a unique password
    • Ideally the password is randomly generated.  Use a generator like Norton’s Password Generator (
    • If random isn’t your idea of easy to remember, at least consider using a sentence instead of a word for your password.  For example:
      • Don’t use Dog as a password, instead use a sentence:
        • TheFoxJumpedOverTheLazyDog
      • Now change out some of the letters for numbers (Zero for “o”, and 3 for “e”)
        • Th3F0xJump3d0v3rTh3LazyD0g
      • Add a special character (@ for “a”)
        • Th3F0xJump3d0v3rTh3L@zyD0g
  • Don’t reuse the password for any other site

Now the password is a bit more secure.  Is it ideal? No.  Is it better than a static, one-word password? Yes.  Will it be easier to remember than a randomly generate password? Yes.

If you do nothing else about your passwords, please occasionally change them.

Remember: The best passwords are randomly generated and changed often.

Final Note: Please, please, please don’t use the above password for any of your accounts.