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  • Managing to Focus
    Working from home can make you feel like you have lost your ability to focus. The constant distractions of a noisy household, the siren call of the refrigerator, the undone household chores, the technology troubles, and the lack of exercise can all add up to missed appointments, lost items, and a feeling of not being able to finish a thought. Anyone who works in this kind of environment can feel unfocused, but what if you have been diagnosed as having ADHD and you are working from home?
  • Not the Lifestyle You Imagined?
    So, you have set up your home office and you have fallen into a daily routine, but is your routine a healthy one? If you are like many, your daily routine goes something like this:
  • Zooming Right Along
    It wasn’t that long ago that Zoom meetings were relatively unheard of. If you are new to Zoom, then take a look at these quick videos that will help you feel more like a pro.
  • Community: Break It to Build It
    When you work in the same location, the feeling of connectedness is much easier to create than when you are geographically separated. So, what can you do?
  • Free (or almost free) Online Resources
    Here is a collection of resources to help you educate and entertain your family. Includes links to educational sites, art, virtual tours, webcams, books, movies, and roller coasters.