AI for Everyone | ChatGPT and CoPilot and Llama and  . . .

It no secret that there is a LLM (Large Language Model) race happening right now.  ChatGPT (OpenAI), CoPilot (Microsoft), Gemini (Google), and now Llama (Meta) are just a few of the many that are in this race.  There are paid versions and free versions, ones that are connected to the internet and ones that aren’t.  For the average user there’s only a few things to know right now:

  • Don’t give personal/confidential/sensitive info to any AI.
  • There is a knowledge cut off date for LLMs.  That means that if you are doing research and need the newest information, you need to use a LLM that can search the web and not just rely on it’s stored knowledge.
  • Paid versions will give you better results than free.  Just make sure that, for you, better results worth the price?

Pro Tip: If you need the GPT to search the web and you aren’t sure if it can, ask it — “Can you search the internet for today’s top news stories?”  Always verify if the results are correct.


! Do not give personal/confidential/sensitive information to any AI.  Think twice before giving AI a pictures of yourself; once you do, AI can use your likeness for other images.