Searching Google

Have you ever wished you could get better Google results?  Here are two options that may help you.

Option 1

If you know that your search is going to give you a lot of results that aren’t what you are looking for, try using  “-“ to weed out some of those results.

               Type Steel Drum into your search bar

Notice that most of the top results are instruments.

Suppose you are actually looking for a Steel Drum storage container, not an instrument.

               Type Steel Drum -instrument into your search bar

Now the top results are the storage containers you wanted.

This exclusion search only works on organic searches.  It does not affect the results of shopping or sponsored ads, so you will have to look past those results.

Option 2

Another way to improve your Google results is to search a specific site.  Supposed you were looking for an article about the Google 9 Dots that you remember reading on  This search option can get you to that article quickly. 

               Type 9 dots into your search bar

The top results are the article you are looking for on  Imagine the time you will save using this option on large websites such as Microsoft or Wikipedia.

Try these search methods out the next time you need to get better results.