The Bookmark Bar

We all use bookmarks, but can you find them after you save them? Or is your Bookmark Bar full of unorganized links?

Let’s go through one way to keep those links in order so you can find them later.

The Bookmark Bar is located just under the area where you type a website address.

This Bookmark Bar is fairly clean, but it could have a lot of links listed one right after the other, making it impossible to find anything.  With a little organization, we can make it easier.

Let’s start with how to save bookmarks.  There are options when you click the star to save a bookmark.  If you save to the Bookmark Bar, then it will appear as a direct link on the Bar, but you could save to a folder instead.  For example, if you had a folder called “Articles” you could save all the interesting articles that you plan to read in that folder so you can find them later.


So how do you make a folder?

After you click the star, a dialog window will pop up.  If you choose the option “Choose another folder”, you are given the option to use one of the current folders or make a new one.

That’s great for a new bookmark, but what if you want to clean up your Bookmark Bar?  We can do that using the Bookmark Manager.  In a Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, scroll down to Bookmarks, then click on Bookmark Manager.  

Note:  The manager can be found in similar locations on most browsers.

Once you open the manager you can drag and drop the saved links wherever you would like.  On the right side of your Chrome browser, you see that there is an option to add folders.  Use this menu to create an organized system that works for you.

You can think of the Bookmark Bar as a filing cabinet.  Create folders as categories and store the links in the appropriate folders so you can find them later.  Some folders that might help you get started:

  • Articles

  • Clients

  • Education

  • Financial

  • Miscellaneous

  • Recipes

  • Social Media

Enjoy all the time you will save now that you can easily find those organized links.