The Google 9 Dots

The Google 9 Dots (aka the Google Waffle)

Have you ever noticed the 9 dots on the right side of your Google home page, or on any of the Google apps pages (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc)?

Those 9 dots, also known as the Google Waffle, are a shortcut to all the Google Apps and it can be customized to better work for you.

4 easy steps:

  1. Click on the 9 dots

  2. Select the app you want in the first spot on the menu by clicking and holding down the left mouse button

  3. Drag the app to its new spot on the menu

  4. Release the mouse button

That’s it.  Now you know how to drag and drop the apps to match how you want to use them.  Put your most used ones at the top and let the others move to the bottom.